Sandy's Story

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When Sandy called she was very concerned about how she would get food. She is 70 years old on a fixed income with several medical conditions. Sandy no longer drives and lives alone in a small apartment in Portage.
When she heard that KLF was delivering food to those who are homebound, she cried with relief.

Sandy's Story

We first met Doug on a weekly delivery to a local homeless encampment. At each visit to the encampment, KLF takes food items that are ready-to-eat and don't require cooking or cold storage. Doug was struggling to find work and had been living in his tent for several months.

Doug's Story

Yvonne and Isaiah drive up to the pantry for their appointment. As staff begins to load groceries into their car, they both turn around to say thank you. Yvonne shares, "This means so much. I lost my job as a school lunch helper in March. We thought we would be okay, but then Isaiah got laid off in June."

Yvonne & Isaiah's Story

Corinna reached out and wanted to know if she qualified for food assistance. "I just moved to the area and am working two jobs. They don't pay a lot, and I've been struggling lately. Can I get food even if I am employed?"

Corinna's Story