Harriet's Story

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Harriet is 92 years old and living alone in a senior housing complex. She is still quite mobile but gets tired easily. "I do alright," shares Harriet. "Some days are better than others." Harriet isn't able to drive, so really appreciates the KLF Home Delivery Program. Harriet especially enjoys the fresh produce she gets in her order and the help she gets bringing her groceries into the apartment. "I enjoy talking to the nice people when they bring my groceries - it's a bright spot in my day!"

Harriet's Story

Enzo walks up and sets his backpack down before ringing the bell at KLF's side door. A staff member greets him by name. "Just the usual things-thanks," Enzo says quietly as staff start pulling together food items for him.

Enzo's Story

Yvonne and Isaiah drive up to the pantry for their appointment. As staff begins to load groceries into their car, they both turn around to say thank you. Yvonne shares, "This means so much. I lost my job as a school lunch helper in March. We thought we would be okay, but then Isaiah got laid off in June."

Yvonne & Isaiah's Story

Isabella contacted KLF for the first time. "I'm just getting over COVID," she shares. "I'm past the five-day quarantine of the CDC, but my employer requires fourteen days. I'm out of sick time at work, and I am going to be counting pennies until my next paycheck." She says a friend suggested she contact KLF. "I hate to ask for help, but this was very unexpected," says Isabella. She schedules an appointment to pick-up at a pantry later that day.

Corinna's Story