Sandy's Story

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When Sandy called she was very concerned about how she would get food. She is 70 years old on a fixed income with several medical conditions. Sandy no longer drives and lives alone in a small apartment in Portage.
When she heard that KLF was delivering food to those who are homebound, she cried with relief.

Sandy's Story

Calvin arrives at KLF in his pickup truck. In the bed of the truck are tools he uses when hired to do the occasional odd job. "I haven't had much work lately," he shares. "Things have been tight." Calvin's grown daughter and two granddaughters are living with him right now.

Calvin's Story

Malena works as a medical assistant. She doesn't own a car and usually rides the bus to work. After paying rent and basic expenses, there isn't much left over. Normally, she can get by with inexpensive food items from the store down the street-a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread can go a long way. In April, she was struggling and decided to reach out.

Malena's Story

Jalen, a young man in his mid-30s, pulls up to the pantry door. He's picking up food for himself today, but also food for two of his neighbors. There is an older gentleman who lives next door who has a chronic medical condition and trouble getting around, so Jalen usually helps him out with errands. Down the street, there is a large refugee family who is nervous about using social services but needs assistance.

Jalen's Story