An extra row of veggies, herbs, or fruit in your garden can mean a lot to hungry people in Kalamazoo County.

Why Plant A Row?

It's About Fresh, Local Food

Whether it's one plant or one acre, Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes is grateful for the produce it receives from local growers and gardeners. Because our clients often have extremely limited food budgets, they don't have access to the fresh food that will provide the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to keep them and their families healthy and strong. We know that poor diet contributes billions to US healthcare costs each year so we try to combat that by providing fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, starches, and dairy in all of our pantries. When hungry people in Kalamazoo County can pick up a fresh bag of potatoes, a handful of greens, a few apples and onions it makes for a healthier community and brighter future for Kalamazoo.

How It Works

It's as simple as bringing your extra harvest to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes. Plant a few buckets of carrots, line a flowerbed with cilantro, pick an extra basket of strawberries when you go picking-all of these things make a big difference. Local food that goes from field, backyard, or balcony to KLF stays fresher longer so we're able to get it into our pantry system the next day for an individual or family to utilize.

It's best if fresh food is donated Monday through Wednesday so we can get it into the hands of hungry people by that same week on Friday. We have the ability to pick up large fresh food donations so please contact Suzi Secondi if you'll have a large harvest you want to donate.

How to Spread the Word

Be vocal about your support! Share your participation via social media and email and be sure to tag Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes in your posts at #FeedKzoo and #PlantARowKLF. We want to see photos of your plating progress. Tag us in shots of you popping seeds in the ground, picking up seedlings, or joining friends and family as you harvest food.

Find a variety of resources to help your garden grow! From funding sources and marketing ideas to planting tips and webinars - this website is a great jumping point for someone just getting started or someone looking for new inspiration.

Gardening Resources

There has never been a better reason to get outdoors and start a garden. Get tips for staying busy by growing fresh veggies, fruit, herbs and flowers.

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