Derek's Story

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Derek isn't the typical college student. At 25-years-old, he admits that he’s getting a late start compared to many of his peers, but he will correct anyone who assumes it’s due to post-high school foundering.

Derek's Story

Karra’s husband works full time year-round while she works 20-25 hours each week during the school year. Childcare had proven too costly in the past to warrant hanging onto her minimum wage job June through August.

Karra's Story

While some might feel sad or hopeless in his situation, Charles feels confident that this season will pass with a little grit and hard work. He credits his military experience for his optimistic spirit and, as he puts it, his put-your-head-down-and-push-through-it attitude.

Charles' Story

Jake and Taya timidly move through the door of a local nonprofit agency. The entryway is a flurry of activity due to the resource fair being held that afternoon. People are milling about in search of service information or items that may help them better meet their basic needs.

Jake and Taya's Story