Derek's Story

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Derek isn't the typical college student. At 25-years-old, he admits that he’s getting a late start compared to many of his peers, but he will correct anyone who assumes it’s due to post-high school foundering.

Derek's Story

Karra’s husband works full time year-round while she works 20-25 hours each week during the school year. Childcare had proven too costly in the past to warrant hanging onto her minimum wage job June through August.

Karra's Story

Frank’s part-time work allows him to help people and keep busy, but it is also a necessity for his family. His wife struggles with several worsening medical conditions, and the extra income is essential to help with daily expenses. Frank states, “Social security may seem like a lot at first, but it's not, really, after you add the cost of medical co-pays and the other necessities of life.”

Frank's Story

As a single mother of three girls, Robin is no stranger to an on-the-go lifestyle – and she really likes keeping busy. That is one of the reasons that Robin volunteers at a KLF pantry each week stocking shelves and helping others shop for their groceries.

Robin's Story