When KLF opened its newest pantry at the Douglas Community Center, the organization knew it would be some time before things at the new site ran like clockwork. There were volunteers to enlist, food deliveries to order, and shelves to stock for clients needing help. Luckily for KLF, Hazel was there to assist.

Hazel has been a KLF pantry volunteer for two years. She got her start after Jackie Smith, former Melzer Pantry Coordinator and current Douglass Pantry Coordinator, suggested she get involved. When KLF needed an experienced volunteer to assist with the site's opening, Hazel made the move from Melzer to Douglass to help prep the pantry's interior, stock shelves, and train new volunteers. When volunteer shifts were light, Hazel was there to fill the void, sometimes coming in on short notice.

"Hunger is at everyone's back door," Hazel said when asked how her perspective of hunger has changed since becoming at KLF volunteer. She expressed that she is often pleasantly surprised to see how fresh and diverse KLF's Grocery Pantry Program food is.

"The people who come to our pantries are truly in need of a helping hand, " Hazel shared, mentioning the dozens of people she talks with who are working to provide for their family, but sometimes need help to bridge the financial gap.

Hazel encourages everyone to get involved and volunteer. "It gives you a good feeling."