John has been helping at KLF for nine years. His current volunteer role in our Call Center allows him to connect each week with clients who are in need of food.

“I’m lucky I don’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from,” John shares when asked why he donates so much time at KLF. “I’d like to ensure nobody has to worry about feeding themselves or their kids.”

John says he’s learned a lot from clients over the years as they’ve allowed him to lend a helping hand when they’re in need. He enjoys the weekly interactions he has with people from all walks of life who reside in Kalamazoo County.

“As individuals, we may feel powerless in the face of national and international problems, but we can make a difference at the family and community level,” he advises.

While he feels his time spent helping at KLF is time well spent, he says that it saddens him that, in a country as rich as ours, hunger is still a persistent issue. “There’s no excuse for it,” he states matter-of-factly.

Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes is so grateful for John’s support and commitment to helping our community thrive. Our work would not be possible without dedicated volunteers like him.