Staff Listing

To access staff, please call (269) 488-2617 and dial the correct extension below:

Joan Atwell

Call Center Lead

Cherise Buchanan

Volunteer Coordinator

Paul Bushek

Warehouse Assistant

ext. 211

Art Cole

Services Director

Joseph Cook

Warehouse Assistant

ext. 211

Bob Dekker

Warehouse Assistant

ext. 211

Dave Hafer

Warehouse Coordinator

Greta Faworski

Resource Development Director

Joe Galaviz

Warehouse Assistant

Kathy Gernaat

Operations Director

Phyllis Hepp

Organizational Development Director

Jennifer Johnson

Executive Director

ext. 213

Deb Josephsen

Services Coordinator

Marvin King

Procurement Specialist

Ruth Matteson

Call Center Lead

Kevin Minor

Communications Coordinator

Sue Raskin

Financial Coordinator

Jackie Smith

Call Center Assistant

ext. 307

Carolyn Tyler

Operations Coordinator

Laura Winther

Donor Database Coordinator

If you need to schedule an appointment to receive food, please call 269-343-3663.

For general information, please call our administration office at 269-488-2617 or email us at