Omar's Story

Omar's Story

For most people, there’s an assumption that if you work hard and do your part to contribute to society, your efforts will be rewarded in the form of self-sufficiency. The long hours spent away from family are worth it when it means you’ll earn enough to cover basic needs and have the ability to maintain a small savings. The reality is that, for many, long hours on the job don’t provide enough to cover basic needs, and they find themselves on the constant verge of financial disaster. What’s worse is when a temporary injury leaves someone struggling to makes ends meet unable to work at all. That’s the reality Omar was faced with earlier this year.

“I’ve always worked hard, and it happened at the worst time,” Omar
solemnly shares. “I am also supporting another family member right now so we’re both in a bind.”

Omar lost his job when he found himself unable to work due to a back injury. As a result of losing his job, he was evicted from his apartment located within a senior retirement complex. He’s saddened by the situation not only because he’s left scrambling to find a new place to live, but also because he has always played by the rules.

“I paid taxes all my life. I don’t drink or do drugs. I have no criminal record. I even have teaching credentials. This just feels so tragic,” Omar says.

Despite feeling defeated, Omar didn’t let his disappointment tarnish his work ethic, and he’s very grateful for KLF’s services. After months of living on the streets, he shares that receiving help with groceries has allowed him to put money towards the gas he needs to get to work and finally cover the security deposit for a new apartment.

Now working two jobs, he looks forward to leaving his situation behind him. Unfortunately, the feeling of financial uncertainly is a not-too-distant past.