Give Food

Approximately 36% of the food KLF distributes comes from community donations
from businesses, farms, individuals, and/or groups.

Give Food

Give Food

How to Give


Donations can be dropped of at KLF's administrative office located at 901 Portage St. from 8 am - 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Pull up to the food donation double doors off of Jackson Street and ring the doorbell for assistance.

KLF also accepts fresh produce from your home garden, local grocery store or market, or farm.

For helpful hints on organization a food drive, download our Food and Fund Drive Kit. Click here for a food drive publicity poster.

For more information on donating food, please contact Dave Hafer, Warehouse Co-Coordinator, at 269-488-2617 x212 or

Food Wish List

Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes is always looking for non-perishable or canned food items that are high in protein content. In addition, there are staple food items KLF looks for on a monthly basis. Below you'll find a list of high-need items broken down by month. You'll also find our Rarely Donated list for items that we find are in high demand, but that aren't often donated.

These foods are essential and ensure that nutritional items are available, by choice, to local households.

January: Beef stew
February: Rice (bag or box)
March: Canned fruit with no sugar
April: : Canned tuna
May: Canned vegetables with low-sodium
June: Healthy snacks with low sugar and low sodium—granola bars, fruit snacks, trail mix & string cheese
July: Canned fruit-no sugar added
August: Whole grain pasta
September: Canned meat
October: Soups & stews
November: Canned vegetables with low-sodium
December: Cooking oil

Rarely Donated Items
Cooking Oil
Dried Spices/Herbs
Shelf-Stable/Powdered Milk
Infant Formula
Canned/Bagged Nuts
Granola Bars
Meals In A Box.

KLF does not accept partially opened boxes and bags. Please try to avoid donating rusty, badly damaged cans.

Thank you for helping feed hungry people in our community!