Food Is Fuel Campaign

Food Is Fuel Campaign

What did you want to be growing up? A doctor? A police officer? An athlete?

The hopes and dreams of our children are limitless, and are so important in the development of our community. Every summer, Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes’ Food is Fuel Kids’ Campaign helps provide ready access to critical food resources for local families and kids.

We know that a community can only reach its full potential if it properly nourished, but this nourishment is far from a guarantee for the more than 10,500 local kids that struggle with hunger every day—especially during the summer months.

A child that experiences hunger for just one extended period of time is at risk for many developmental consequences, including chronic health problems, more frequent hospitalizations, behavioral issues, and social difficulties that can last a lifetime.The future is now. Your gifts help ensure the future leaders of our county are healthy and active, today.
Your contributions help KLF offer food assistance at more than 70 sites—including pantries, churches, schools and other community agencies. Your gifts help us keep the lights on, our truck on the road five days a week and the our shelves stocked.

There is limitless potential within each and every child in our community, and your support can help them succeed. The hopes and dreams of children drive communities to a brighter future, and you can help fuel these aspirations.

Make sure to check your mailbox this month for more details on how you can help make this year’s Food is Fuel Kids’ Campaign be the most successful yet. Also be sure to stop by our website and Facebook page for up-to-date news and events associated with this initiative. What does a hunger-free Kalamazoo County look like to you? Why wait until tomorrow? Click here to help build a brighter future today.